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‘I am not Shini!’ That was my opening line at the Furla Candy bag event when Susie Bubble handed over a microphone to my shaken and sweaty hand, never in my adult life ever felt so nervous speaking in public since my last Christmas play back in secondary school, someone told me my voice sounded very soothing, poetic and porny…nice.  Congratulations to the Candy Bag winners and on behalf of my partner in crime Park & Cube we thank you all for coming to the event.

One final note, I would like to thank Furla and Claudia Wunsch Communication for the ‘standing-in for Shini invitation’ and a wonderful fruitful-candid evening for the bloggers and guests.


Outfit note: I absolutely adore this forest green ‘Singdrossel’ dress by Borne By Elise Berger AW11, the dress really caught my eye when I saw the collection at H.PR’s recent press day last week ‘I must wear it one day’…well I did they happily loaned me the dress for one night.  Also wearing two Old England watches, the brand was originally launched in 1967 by Richard Lotus, worn by the royals, Twiggy and the 60s crowd.

Outfit: Scarft – courtesy of LOUSADA HEYHOE, Dress – Borrowed BORNE BY ELISE BERGER, Tights – TOPSHOP, Shoes – REISS, x2 watches – borrowed OLD ENGLAND, available in Selfridges.



  1. @Mary Lock – It’s what friends are for :D, thank you for coming.

  2. You looked so lovely that night, the dress was stunning. I had so much fun (maybe too much) which is probably why I look kinda retarded in the back of these shots haha!


  3. It was lovely meeting you as I’d mentioned in our small conversation I’ve been your reader since you started your street style blog and look at where you are now. I’m so proud of you and I know you’re such a great friend to Shini Park and Cube and you are a perfect blog friend to stand in in her absence. You did a great job.

    Hope to meet you soon.

    Mary x

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