Floral Bomb





SS11 ad campaign shot by Josh Olins, image courtesy of Benetton.

I remember last summer I bought a pair of jersey trousers in paisley print from Zara as seen on Jen and Shini, worn it casually with a loose jersey t-shirt and flat sandals.  It didn’t work out and took it back, reason being that it wasn’t suited for city fashion and I looked like a village girl from the towny-suburbs – actually it is a fact, I AM from the towny-suburbs in north London and it’s also a true fact that my parents were raised as villagers in Hong Kong and China before settling in Belfast and London, my close Chinese friends sometimes refer me as a village girl and still am…ok moving on.

A week or so ago an image caught my attention whilst flipping through pages of Benetton’s ad campaign brochure it is indeed FLORAL PRINTS….each individual models are wearing head to toe with clashing, mis-matched floral prints, shirts twisted to form as head wraps and belts.  I must have stared at the image a dozen times in awe of admirable-inspiration, this ‘floral’ ingenuity styling have brought ideas to create my own personal styling project for this blog.  I kindly contacted Benetton press office via Twitter (DM) to enlist help with this (ambitious) project and wahey…days later here’s our (preview) compiled selection of floral (press) pieces…now I have a weekend to play dress up.

Thank you BENETTON.


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  2. The campaign is awesomeness! it sums you up to a tee- can’t wait to see how you stlye everything. Honestly Kit, you are like a magician with colours and florals, lol.


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