Lash Her Beautiful






As an Asian Chinese with short, sparsed and poker straight lashes, buying endless mascaras to create manga/anime doll-like lashes even with glue-it-yourself lashes would look horrible on me.  Watching Jen having hers done at Lash Lab is an eye opener (it’s located above the Winkworth Estate Agent on Brick Lane), glued in with different lengths and thickness….to have it done acquires steady hands, patience and of course the art and craftsmanship involves.  One hour of Jen’s incredible patience and us snapping endless of close up pictures and hoping to spot FaceHunter stroll by view from upstairs windows, the result looked (still looks) incredible and soo natural looking you can’t see the glue. Jen is sexy and smokin’ bring on the sounds of wolf whistles.

Photo 6 shot by Shini – My afro inspired hair wrap.


  1. Hey I love your blog.
    I’m thinking of starting a fashion blog, which blog platforms shall I start registering to?
    What cameras do you use to shoot your happenings?
    I would like ‘get out there’ in terms of recognizing myself online and offline, how would I do that?
    I noticed you have a long list of affiliates, how do you build relationships and collaborate with large brands?

    Any advices would be appreciated.

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