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Since I was a child I never wore orange or any orangey shades that associates with fruits that I don’t eat, tangerines, madarins, carrots and apricots…it’s true I don’t eat them.  Until recently I fell in love with a fabric quilted Chanel-esque chained strapped Jaeger shoulder bag in vibrant orange (I had no option but to purchase the orange colour as there were no other colours I liked in the summer sale), it was a perfect accent colour to co-ordinate with my winter dull and frumy wardrobe.

Oh and please excuse me for putting together this whole jevenilled look (I love it), they’re from the Jil Sander SS11 menswear collection (YES it’s men’s and don’t ask) I’m wearing it for this blog to make up the loss of not using the pieces (sent directly from Milan) in menswear shoot which got cancelled, all blames on the snow storm and flight choas across the atlantic/English Channel, where some of the menswear samples I’d requested were (and still) currently being held somewhere.  All said and done, they have to be wrapped (including red pieces…a post will follow), boxed up with an apology note and deliver back to Milan.

That enormous shoes is a size EU43….men’s.

Loaned outfits by Jil Sander and loaned sunglasses by Claire Goldsmith, thanks Intelligent PR.


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