Yellow Psychedelic



Yes ‘WHAT ON EARTH AM I WEARING?’ – Ok ok I was feeling a little mellow-yellow and on acid hence the post title ‘Yellow Psychedelic’, I dressed up to brighten up the dull-cloudy London, I was a SUN.

Thanks Shini and Jen for the amazing girly tartines lunch (I had a tomato and basil soup – how very fashionista), hope you girls weren’t blinded or hallucinated by my outfit.

Thanks Shini for taking these shots.

My outfit: Jacket – Wallis, it’s my mum’s bought 10 years ago. Scarf – BURBERRY. Skirt – OASIS. Tights – UNIQLO. Legwarmers – UNIQLO. Boots – Courtesy of BERTIE. Silk scarf attached on bag – HURWUNDEKI. Bag – Courtesy of JAEGER.


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  2. Ahhhh my eyes!! Just kidding, I actually love the bright pops of colour, Kit. That’s exactly what I need to see during this horrible, miserable Winter x

  3. Oh Kit I’m sorry I didn’t send you my shots from this day! I love that outfit and will post it this weekend. Possibly even first thing tomorrow. Now I can lift the sourcing from you.

    You have the most sophisticated, confident sense of colour, texture, balance and innate style of anyone I know. Do you paint? You should.

    How’s Scooter? xx

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