Polaroid Diary: My Bedroom Window





The only source of light in my bedroom is my big massive window draped with white lace-polyester curtain overlooking my neighbour’s semi-detached-mansion-like houses, it’s perfect to spy on the neighbours on daytime or catch a glimpse of foxes and cubs playing at night time.

Polaroid 1:  Kidnapped my youngest sister to give me her most flexible dancer’s latin-y pose for one single-silhouette shot, despite no warm ups she can only achieve this basic.

Polaroid 2:  A Chanel book given to me as a press goodie from the Chanel PR team.

Polaroid 3:  Stole my sister’s Carvela suede sandals for a close-up test shot.

Polaroid 4:  North London’s sky.

Shot with Polaroid 1000 SE Land Camera with TZ-Artistic Colour films ISO 100 available at The Photographers’ Gallery.

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