I Speak Parseltongue



'SSSSSSSsssssss….SsssssssssSSSSSSsssss….sssssSSSSSSS' Oh whatever I don't speak parseltongue but I'm actually a dog whisperer.

'Amazonie' neckalace in white gold 18kt set with one brown pear shape diamond 5.00 cts, 607 brown diamonds 20.93 cts, 473 diamonds 63.65 and 156 black diamonds 6.29 cts, from ADLER.


  1. Oh snake! This is beautiful event though I am not the hugest fan of snakes. Marrakesh was wonderful, super hot as it was 36 degrees in the day…and it was hottest around 4pm! Crazy! Will deffo be updating the blog on my travels…

  2. @Platform Princess – Ummm no hehehehehe. Another jewellery post is coming up soon you’ll love it, it’ll be MORE you ;D

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