1. Ha, that’s brilliant: ‘we can tell you how much it costs, but then we’d have to kill you.’ It’s like, in some religions, you can’t call God by His real name. Or the line in Sleepless in Seattle when the kid asks his friend how much it costs to fly to NY & she says ‘That’s the thing: no one knows!’

    So lovely to see you & Shin today, Kit. Thank you for the gift of your time, and your wisdom. We’ve been on youtube looking @ Canon stuff, it’s fascinating.

    See you soon. xx

  2. Perhaps my life insurance can cover the cost of this little beautiful? Would it?

  3. The stylist I work with goes there sometimes…not every year.

    I’d been to a few jewelery events in the past, it was fascinating to see expensive pieces on display and being surrounded by all the riches :)

  4. Hey Kit,

    It’s interesting you posted this.

    Have you heard of BASELWORLD – The Watch and Jewellery Show going on in Switzerland currently?

    Well I live in Geneva and every year those who are fiscally endowed head north to Basel to acquire themselves some pieces.
    It’s so glamorous that you wanna work harder.

    Nice post.

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