Fashion Insider: Jacqueline Ho @ BURBERRY


Jacqueline Ho.  A Product Development Assistant for BURBERRY PRORSUM in London, UK.

(Jacket, dress and shoes are from BURBERRY)

Mini interview with Jacqueline:

S.S: Describe your style in THREE WORDS.

J.H: Chic, Sexy and Sophisticated.

S.S: How did you get into fashion?

J.H: I always knew I wanted to be in the creative industry and I loved fashion, so I decided to persue it.  I guess it all worked out!

S.S: Do you have any sort of fashion background?

J.H: I studied a Fashion Printed Textiles degree at Central Saint Martins and did my foundation at London College of Fashion.  After studying, I was interested in New York and went to work briefly with 'Diane Von Frustenberg' before coming back to London and landing a job with BURBERRY.

S.S: What does your job involve?

J.H: I work with the Product Development team for the Prorsum line and help launch the collections.  My work involves developing the garments with the designers from concept to finish.  Including picking trims and colours, organising the models, and doing fittings which I enjoy the most.  A lot of effort goes into a single garment which I would never have realised before.

S.S: What inspires you?

J.H: Having lived in Asia and Europe, I would say plenty of culture and city life.  I also love seeing trendy, cool things everywhere.

S.S: What does fashion mean to you?

J.H: Fashion takes over my life.

S.S: What's the best thing about your job?

J.H: Seeing all the hard work put into the clothes on catwalk and shopfloor.  Apart from that being in a luxury environment surrounded by amazing things and having a nice wardrobe of clothes.


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  2. J.H speaks like a professional … and looks like an accomplished designer in the photo.

  3. Thanks for all your effort Kit! Your blog rocks, keep up the hard work! xx

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