Beauty Water

19th February 2018




Water essence aka beauty water, is regarded as one of the most essential steps in every skincare routine.  What is water essence?  Water essence is a water-based infusion applied after toner and before serum, morning and night.  It’s a popular skincare ritual across Asia, helps to boost brightness and hydration on your skin.  There are many different variations of essence to suit your skin type or specific needs, such as essence lotion, energy essence, brightening essence, solid water essence, activating water essence, and many more.  Like most skincare-obsessed peeps I know and follow use one specific premium brand that works like magic (they say, it’s a purchase you’ll never regret) is SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.  The best-seller product with ingredients remained unchanged for 35 years, retailing at £90 a bottle is crazy expensive.  Unless you have a skin problem that may work for you or have a high maintenance skincare, yes buy it.  I wouldn’t.

I’ve tried a few water-based essences from different brands; Innisfree, Laniege, Missha, Biotherma, and Caudalie.  They were okay, but not as brilliant yet, I’m super picky with productsNot all water essence bode well with other products I’m currently using in my skincare routine.  I wanted something subtle with bio-active-friendly, non-potent botanical-based ingredients to boost my dehydrated skin and no science craziness.  Am I asking too much?  Jurlique has kindly sent me a bottle of *Activating Water Essence to try after boasting how much I love their classic Rosewater Balancing Mist on social media, love how it absorbs into my skin quickly and smells so lovely and not over empowering, I also sampled their Lavender Hydrating Mist a few years back, the lavender scent helped my insomnia immensely.  I have been using the Activating Water Essence morning and night for a few weeks now, my skin is supple, bright and hydrated.  The essence contains beneficial botanical-based extracts, all naturally grown in Australia; marshmallow root, calendula flower extract, essential oils, and the gorgeous notes of lavender, rosemary, nettle, sage and many more natural goodness, which explains the herbally scent.

Jurlique has recently launched a limited editions to celebrate the Year of the Dog, Activating Water Essence, and Rose Body Oil.  Presented in a beautiful limited edition packaging box featuring stunning artwork of auspicious red roses created exclusively for Chinese New Year, they’re perfect gifting for friends and family, who needs a fancy gift wrap?

*Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.



Happy Year of the Dog!

17th February 2018


Happy Year of the Dog!  Can’t believe Valentine’s Day was a few days ago and now the dog year has unleash its paws to celebrate the beginning of a new year.  Oh yes, water dog is my birth year.  The people born under this zodiac sign is loyal, faithful, stubborn, observant, trustworthy, creative, and kind hearted.  I find those traits similar to my characteristics and star sign, Taurus.

Wishing you all kung hei fat choy, good health, lasting prosperity and much happiness throughout the year!



Looking Forward to Summer

15th February 2018






Counting down the weeks til summer.  It’s a long way to go, and yet, we haven’t zoom past Mother’s Day, Easter holidays, my birthday, a Royal wedding, and spring bank holidays.  My golden tan, which I have grown to like it after many decades of anti-tanning, is fading fast back to the usual death-grey uneven skin tone.   Don’t worry, there’s one upcoming work trip which I’m so looking forward to going is LOS ANGELES! Ha ha ha ha, hello tan.

Whilst my niece and I waiting patiently for summer and enjoying the rest of winter mucking about, enjoy the photos!

My outfit: navy peacoat c/o Gant, floral dress and beige beret both from Topshop, black thermal tights from Amazon, leather quilt gloves from Burberry, and knee-high suede boots c/o Stuart Weitzman.

Bethany’s outfit: navy polka-dot dress c/o Gant, tights from H&M, navy Mary-Jane shoes from Marks & Spencer, light blue peacoat from Mango.



Singapore Visual Diary: Gardens By The Bay

12th February 2018


Happy New Year!

This is my first post of 2018 and I’m beginning to feel quite lazy with blogging, and a lot of backlog posts.  Opps.  I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and a great start to the New Year.  The holiday break has flown by!  My family and I escaped the unpleasant English winter for sun-filled trips in Down Under, Perth and beyond.  Hello Vitamin D!

Starting with Singapore before we enroute for Perth.  Singapore has a reputation for being a boring stopover destination of endless skyscrapers, luxury hotels, fast paced (hey, Hong Kong is worst), too clean (chewing gum is illegal there), lack of culture and so on.  Well you need to dig a little deeper to find hidden gems, little temples, street art, foodie and photography hotspots, and plenty of lush greenery to entice your green fingers.  Singapore has lots to offer for first time visitors or repeated visitors more than just a stopover destination, like I said before there’s lots to see, do and eat eat eat, it’s overwhelming.  I chose Gardens by the Bay as my favourite highlight from the trip.




Having visited some wonderful places, shopping, eating and being exhausted by the outdoor heat, I finally had the chance to visit Gardens by the Bay recommended by friends.  Gardens by the Bay is located next to Marina Reservoir and a stone throw away from the iconic Marina Bay Sands and Louis Vuitton floating maison store.  I particularly wanted to visit one their conservatories, Cloud Forest which houses a wide variety of tropical plants and trees.  Inside the column-less dome of flora and fauna, in awe of by its architecture and nature, elevated walkways, and refreshing indoor waterfall.  It seemed just like lush heaven in my imagination.  Their adjoining conservatory is the Flower Dome, it houses assortment of unique blooms and exotic plants and trees, such as the African and Australian Baobab trees which I have never seen before in real life, what a beauty they were.  There’s also an education centre for visitors to learn about the importance of plants as a source of energy for animals and to humans, as well as the sensitive environmental issues on plastic pollution in the marine environment, logging in the Amazon rainforest, it sources, human effects and solutions.




What I loved about this visit was its stunning architecture and conceptual design based on its efforts on environmental sustainability.  Built on reclaimed land what used to be a scrub palmetto wasteland, the domes are made of recycled materials, uses renewable energy, recycle rainwater to generate energy to sustain the adjoining conservatories and the park itself, making Gardens By The Bay as one of the best eco-friendly horticultural and recognisable attraction in the world.  It is truly a worthy visit, highly recommended!


Who says Singapore is boring?  Not this.



HK Visual Diary: HK

5th December 2017


















Here is the final instalment of my Hong Kong visual diary post.  Sorry about the delay.  The instalment features images from the places I visited and random goings-on during my stay in Hong Kong; Chi Lin Nunnery and Nam Lian Garden in Diamond Hill, photowalk with my brother Ken in Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui, Melissa Bui SS17 private viewing, afternoon tea at Sevva, working with the lovely Geneva, photographing some content with The Winery, and exploring Tai O.



Boots Secret Santa Giveaway

27th November 2017

Secret-Santa-Gifting-campaign-with-Boots---Kit-Lee-x-Boots 1

|| The Importance of Gifting ||

The season of gift-giving is fast approaching and I hope you have found amazing deals over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I, too, like everyone else, spent the whole of the weekend looking for deals all over the internet for potential Christmas gifts.  Overwhelmed with choices and price matching on various sites, I gave up on beauty and fashion deals, and  ended up buying a snorkel set, underwater camera, hiking sandals, some holiday basics for my family trip to Singapore and Australia in two weeks.

Christmas is a time to cherish every moment with your nearest and dearest, because that’s what life is all about.  A few years ago, I became discouraged at how materialistic and unethical Christmas was becoming, I stopped giving and receiving gifts from family and friends, and encouraged them to donate money to charity indeed.  However, things changed for the better when I became an auntie 2 years ago, I have been spoiling my niece with toys and books, where I’ve made a conscious decision to buy greener and ethical gifts.  Being careful that I don’t spoil her too much and educate her on the values of gifting, and gift-giving with a conscience, and create a positive impact on the environment and the world around us.  My grandma used to always say to her 5 grandchildren, learn how to spent it well.  Except that small things comes in small packages – this auntie’s love and kisses.

Boots has wonderful selections of Christmas gifts for her, with gift ideas ranging from; confectionary, beauty and skincare products, gadgets, novelties, to household accessories.  As part of Boots Secret Santa campaign, I will be giving and receiving a secret gift from other participating bloggers, and pass my choice (with lovingly thought-through) on, to continue the secret santa gifting cycle.  I’m looking forward to what kind of gift I’ll be getting and will cherish it well.  The big secret gift reveal will be on Instagram once the competition has ended.  Without further ado, here’s your chance to win your own secret santa gift.  Please follow the details below.


|| Boots Secret Santa Giveaway ||

In collaboration with Boots, I’m giving away a secret santa christmas gift worth £100.  To help keep the competition fair and simple for all followers, all you have to do to win is leave a your name and email address on the Rafflecopter widget below.  Easy peasy.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*The giveaway closes at 23:59 GMT on 3rd December.  A winner will be randomly selected and contacted by Boots after the closing date.  Participates must be 16 years or over.  UK entrants only*

This post is in conjunction with Boots but all thoughts are my own.



Venice Visual Diary: Shooting pictures on a rainy day in Venice with a consequence

21st November 2017

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

I’m sharing you some unpublished images of my brief visit to Venice with Westin Europa and Regina over a year ago.  These are the ones that managed to survived from my battered, waterlogged brick camera (before the switchover to Fujifilm), caused by condensation and the camera unprotected from the elements, my bad.

Guys, please protect your camera!  Pack plenty of silica gel packets in your camera bag, this will help to absorb moisture and prevent mold forming on your lens, trust me it will do your camera gear kit good than regret it later.  You can buy them from Amazon.




8th November 2017












Autumn is finally here!

I’m normally in Hong Kong around this time of year to escape the English sluggish weather, unproductive and unstimulating work routines, in favour of subtropical temperature in Hong Kong.  I do miss the good old days of cycling there and my crazy daily consumptions of iced-cold bubble tea and Japanese snacks.

In recent weeks, the weather has been kind to us.  There’s nothing like the season of fallen red leaves and golden sunshine, there were odd days of humidity and a mix of cold snaps and sunny spells, and uplifting spirit of being wrapped and cuddled with a scarf and cardigan .  It’s my favourite seasonal style of the year, where I like to combine summer and autumn pieces.  I adore wearing minimal basics and layers, combining bold patterns, colours and textures.  I prefer mixing with non-fitted blouse and thunder-thighs-friendly bottoms (hey I have big botty), knitted/cotton pullover, comfortable footwear, and then throw in a light coat or jacket, and wrap it around the waist or cape over the shoulders when the temperature changes.

As for B, I don’t have a clue what her signature style is or what type of clothing she likes to wear.  I do know she’s obsessed with anything bold colour, animal print and embroidery, such as her unicorn print wellies and botanical print waterproof jacket that she wears all the time.

NEXT has excellent choices of casual-stylish pieces that are comfortable and practical, for both adults and childrenswear.  Do check out their pieces online, I can promise you, the clothes for toddlers are unbelievably cute.


|| Auntie Kit’s outfit ||

Grey dot shirt.
Brown/cream dogtooth double breasted blazer.
Pink washed chino trousers.
Khaki faux fur hood parka.
Black hardware belt.
White/silver glitter star lace-up trainers.


|| Niece B’s outfit ||

Grey frill neck top.
Mid-blue character embellished jeans.
Mint padded gilet.
Pink faux fur trim boots.

Please note that this post is neither a collaborative project nor sponsored.
Both autumn outfits are courtesy of NEXT.


Sleep Better

24th October 2017


To those who sleep like a log, how do you do it?

On rare occasions, I would tend to fall into deep sleep when I’m feeling exhausted from work, jet lag, babysitting duty or when I’m feeling unwell, it’s the waking up in the middle of the night to pee or sleeping on a bad mattress (when staying in hotels), and being hypersensitive to noise and light, wrecks my day the next morning.  I don’t keep a clock and watch that tick-tocks in my room either, phone is set on flight mode and the alarm at 7am.  These are not symptoms of anxiety or any psychological issues, I’m just a light sleeper who fidgets a lot in order to sleep comfortably, I’ve had this sleep issues all my life since I was a young kid and I don’t believe in taking sleeping pills to solve with sleep issues.  Insomnia is mean.

|| My Go-to Natural Sleep Aids That Work To Improve Sleep ||

Here are some my favourite sleep remedies which I find super helpful, something natural to knock me out for a better night’s sleep.

Holistic Silk Eye Mask – I’ve mentioned the eye mask on the blog and Instagram a dozen times. I won’t sleep without it and they’re my ultimate travel essential for sleep deprived traveller.  The silk eye mask is filled with natural dried loose lavender flowers, perfect for stress free sleep.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, and This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less roller-ball – I keep them by my bedside table or a travel-sized sleep kit in my toiletry bag.  A few sprays on a pillow is all you need, the lavender scent is so soothing and calming, it’s like you’re sleeping on a cloud.


Healing crystals from Mysteries – I’ve only just started introducing healing crystals to my sleep routine after doing lots of research online.  I managed to get some crystals from Mysteries, the shop staff gave me handy advice and tips on where to place the crystals, cleansing on full moon, pros and cons, and the like.  I’m using rose quartz (polished and raw), red aventurine, howlite and amethyst, next to a bedside table.  I had good nights and bad nights with amethyst, with it and without it, there were times I get vivid dreams and nightmares, sometimes I get up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat or a sudden jolt when I feel a sharp pain in one of my thighs, like someone pinching my skin really hard.  Hmmmmm.

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