HK Visual Diary: HK

5th December 2017


















Here is the final instalment of my Hong Kong visual diary post.  Sorry about the delay.  The instalment features images from the places I visited and random goings-on during my stay in Hong Kong; Chi Lin Nunnery and Nam Lian Garden in Diamond Hill, photowalk with my brother Ken in Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui, Melissa Bui SS17 private viewing, afternoon tea at Sevva, working with the lovely Geneva, photographing some content with The Winery, and exploring Tai O.



Boots Secret Santa Giveaway

27th November 2017

Secret-Santa-Gifting-campaign-with-Boots---Kit-Lee-x-Boots 1

|| The Importance of Gifting ||

The season of gift-giving is fast approaching and I hope you have found amazing deals over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I, too, like everyone else, spent the whole of the weekend looking for deals all over the internet for potential Christmas gifts.  Overwhelmed with choices and price matching on various sites, I gave up on beauty and fashion deals, and  ended up buying a snorkel set, underwater camera, hiking sandals, some holiday basics for my family trip to Singapore and Australia in two weeks.

Christmas is a time to cherish every moment with your nearest and dearest, because that’s what life is all about.  A few years ago, I became discouraged at how materialistic and unethical Christmas was becoming, I stopped giving and receiving gifts from family and friends, and encouraged them to donate money to charity indeed.  However, things changed for the better when I became an auntie 2 years ago, I have been spoiling my niece with toys and books, where I’ve made a conscious decision to buy greener and ethical gifts.  Being careful that I don’t spoil her too much and educate her on the values of gifting, and gift-giving with a conscience, and create a positive impact on the environment and the world around us.  My grandma used to always say to her 5 grandchildren, learn how to spent it well.  Except that small things comes in small packages – this auntie’s love and kisses.

Boots has wonderful selections of Christmas gifts for her, with gift ideas ranging from; confectionary, beauty and skincare products, gadgets, novelties, to household accessories.  As part of Boots Secret Santa campaign, I will be giving and receiving a secret gift from other participating bloggers, and pass my choice (with lovingly thought-through) on, to continue the secret santa gifting cycle.  I’m looking forward to what kind of gift I’ll be getting and will cherish it well.  The big secret gift reveal will be on Instagram once the competition has ended.  Without further ado, here’s your chance to win your own secret santa gift.  Please follow the details below.


|| Boots Secret Santa Giveaway ||

In collaboration with Boots, I’m giving away a secret santa christmas gift worth £100.  To help keep the competition fair and simple for all followers, all you have to do to win is leave a your name and email address on the Rafflecopter widget below.  Easy peasy.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*The giveaway closes at 23:59 GMT on 3rd December.  A winner will be randomly selected and contacted by Boots after the closing date.  Participates must be 16 years or over.  UK entrants only*

This post is in conjunction with Boots but all thoughts are my own.



Venice Visual Diary: Shooting pictures on a rainy day in Venice with a consequence

21st November 2017

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

Venice - Kit Lee

I’m sharing you some unpublished images of my brief visit to Venice with Westin Europa and Regina over a year ago.  These are the ones that managed to survived from my battered, waterlogged brick camera (before the switchover to Fujifilm), caused by condensation and the camera unprotected from the elements, my bad.

Guys, please protect your camera!  Pack plenty of silica gel packets in your camera bag, this will help to absorb moisture and prevent mold forming on your lens, trust me it will do your camera gear kit good than regret it later.  You can buy them from Amazon.




8th November 2017












Autumn is finally here!

I’m normally in Hong Kong around this time of year to escape the English sluggish weather, unproductive and unstimulating work routines, in favour of subtropical temperature in Hong Kong.  I do miss the good old days of cycling there and my crazy daily consumptions of iced-cold bubble tea and Japanese snacks.

In recent weeks, the weather has been kind to us.  There’s nothing like the season of fallen red leaves and golden sunshine, there were odd days of humidity and a mix of cold snaps and sunny spells, and uplifting spirit of being wrapped and cuddled with a scarf and cardigan .  It’s my favourite seasonal style of the year, where I like to combine summer and autumn pieces.  I adore wearing minimal basics and layers, combining bold patterns, colours and textures.  I prefer mixing with non-fitted blouse and thunder-thighs-friendly bottoms (hey I have big botty), knitted/cotton pullover, comfortable footwear, and then throw in a light coat or jacket, and wrap it around the waist or cape over the shoulders when the temperature changes.

As for B, I don’t have a clue what her signature style is or what type of clothing she likes to wear.  I do know she’s obsessed with anything bold colour, animal print and embroidery, such as her unicorn print wellies and botanical print waterproof jacket that she wears all the time.

NEXT has excellent choices of casual-stylish pieces that are comfortable and practical, for both adults and childrenswear.  Do check out their pieces online, I can promise you, the clothes for toddlers are unbelievably cute.


|| Auntie Kit’s outfit ||

Grey dot shirt.
Brown/cream dogtooth double breasted blazer.
Pink washed chino trousers.
Khaki faux fur hood parka.
Black hardware belt.
White/silver glitter star lace-up trainers.


|| Niece B’s outfit ||

Grey frill neck top.
Mid-blue character embellished jeans.
Mint padded gilet.
Pink faux fur trim boots.

Please note that this post is neither a collaborative project nor sponsored.
Both autumn outfits are courtesy of NEXT.


Sleep Better

24th October 2017


To those who sleep like a log, how do you do it?

On rare occasions, I would tend to fall into deep sleep when I’m feeling exhausted from work, jet lag, babysitting duty or when I’m feeling unwell, it’s the waking up in the middle of the night to pee or sleeping on a bad mattress (when staying in hotels), and being hypersensitive to noise and light, wrecks my day the next morning.  I don’t keep a clock and watch that tick-tocks in my room either, phone is set on flight mode and the alarm at 7am.  These are not symptoms of anxiety or any psychological issues, I’m just a light sleeper who fidgets a lot in order to sleep comfortably, I’ve had this sleep issues all my life since I was a young kid and I don’t believe in taking sleeping pills to solve with sleep issues.  Insomnia is mean.

|| My Go-to Natural Sleep Aids That Work To Improve Sleep ||

Here are some my favourite sleep remedies which I find super helpful, something natural to knock me out for a better night’s sleep.

Holistic Silk Eye Mask – I’ve mentioned the eye mask on the blog and Instagram a dozen times. I won’t sleep without it and they’re my ultimate travel essential for sleep deprived traveller.  The silk eye mask is filled with natural dried loose lavender flowers, perfect for stress free sleep.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, and This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less roller-ball – I keep them by my bedside table or a travel-sized sleep kit in my toiletry bag.  A few sprays on a pillow is all you need, the lavender scent is so soothing and calming, it’s like you’re sleeping on a cloud.


Healing crystals from Mysteries – I’ve only just started introducing healing crystals to my sleep routine after doing lots of research online.  I managed to get some crystals from Mysteries, the shop staff gave me handy advice and tips on where to place the crystals, cleansing on full moon, pros and cons, and the like.  I’m using rose quartz (polished and raw), red aventurine, howlite and amethyst, next to a bedside table.  I had good nights and bad nights with amethyst, with it and without it, there were times I get vivid dreams and nightmares, sometimes I get up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat or a sudden jolt when I feel a sharp pain in one of my thighs, like someone pinching my skin really hard.  Hmmmmm.

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Hong Kong Visual Diary: Tsz Shan Monastery

16th October 2017








The best part of staying at my ancestral home in Tung Tsz in rural Tai Po is its location, you have the sea, the forest mountains, wild life (minus the surging numbers of wild boars), fresh air, the majestic Tsz Shan Monastery, the history of the area, and of course the best feng shui.  And I love waking up to natural sound of birds chirping in the crack of dawn, take a stroll in the villages of Tung Tsz, or cycle along the coastal cycling paths, and you can see the imposing white bronze Goddess of Mercy standing tall and beautiful in the foothills of Pat Sin Leng mountain range, looking down at us, protecting the villages, overlooking the sea and beyond like a lighthouse.  Opened in 2014 after 7 years of construction, the peace and tranquility of the Tang Dynasty style Buddhist monastery (see map) really set the villages natural scenery, we, as indigenous villagers are very grateful to its founder Li Kar Shing, for not turning the monastery into a monstrous tourist attraction and curbing limited visitor numbers by booking a reservation time slot a month in advance.  Otherwise, the area would have turned into an absolute nightmare for us all, litter bugs and rowdy outsiders, we can’t stand them.  Other than that, the monastery is a worthy place to visit.

So looking forward to going back to Hong Kong for Lunar New Year!



My Go-To Face Serums

2nd October 2017


I remember my mum’s cousin from Hong Kong introduced me to Vichy hydrating serum several years ago, my skin was dry from pollution, visible broken capillaries, clusters of freckles and dark spots.  I didn’t have a skincare routine (couldn’t care less at that time), I thought a 2-step skincare routine was all you need to have great looking skin; cleanse and moisturise, I was wrong.  Mum’s cousin was in her 50s and had amazing flawless skin, super hydrated, radiant, youthful and she rarely wear makeup.  So, I followed her advice, apply serum daily, day and night, and I haven’t look back since.

Having tried and tested different serum products with neh results, I started to explore into the world of Korean skincare products on my endless trips to Hong Kong, a shopping haven for discovering International skincare brands that aren’t available to buy in the UK.  With so much research and reading reviews on various platforms, there are so many to choose from and I literally exhausted my search for ‘the one’.  In the end I found something I really committed to, Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, it’s rated as one of the best selling skincare products in Korea, this wonderful serum has been my go-to skin-thirst for 2 years and on my third bottle, good thing is it’s organic.  I managed to get my hands on more products from other brands to add into my 10-step skincare routine, a Korean-style skincare routine which I started following religiously 2 years ago.

Serums, acid, concentrate, essence.  I can’t live without them.  It made a huge difference on my skin; more radiant, plump, hydrated and healthier, perfect for creating flawless canvas for makeup.  I’m no skincare expert, I can vouch for the fact they’re awesome for everyday skincare routine.


Caudalie Concentrated Brightening Essence – one of the key essential steps of skincare routine inspired by the Asian skincare routine, this lightweight, concentrated watery-essence helps to boost hydration, radiance and brighter complexion.  The essence is packed with hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, organic grape water, and white peony.  I have a 150ml at home which I use it to refill my travel sized bottle.  Best to use immediately after cleansing and toner, morning and evening.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum – the serum says it all, frankly the best eco-friendly serum I’ve ever used.  It’s a moisturising serum made from 100% organic green tea and green tea seeds in Jeju Island, South Korea.  My skin feels supple, moisturised, healthier and hydrated like never before.  Great for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin, dehydration, skin irritation, prone to redness and prickly heat, it also act as after sun.  Best to use after toner or essence, morning and evening.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Complex II* and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Complex II* – a PR sent me a sample (the first generation one) to try a few years ago, I have to admit, I didn’t have a good experience with the face serum, the formula was too rich for my sensitive skin resulting to breakouts around the eyes, as it turned out I applied it wrongly…with a thick dollop of serum rather a couple drops.  I was still a skincare novice back then.  It wasn’t until this summer when the PR got in touch with me and offered to send me the second generation advance night repair serum and eye serum to try.  I pitched my arm hard and decided to gave it a whirl for a few months, for my nightly skincare routine.  Suffice to say my skin and around my eyes has improved a lot and amazingly youthful.  My skin looks plumper, firmer, and brighter the next morning.  Best to use after cleansing, toner or sheet mask, evening.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid – the best affordable product that delivers great results.  I use it to lock in the moisture after applying serum, on dry days, air-con environment, and on long haul flights.  Best to use after serum or before creams.

Decleor Hydra Floral White Petal Skin Perfecting Concentrate* – I hear great things about the concentrate serum both online and offline, it has featured on QVC (yes I watch it) numerous times.  I love the smell of the concentrate serum, smells like  luxurious spa, very calming and soothing.  It’s packed with orange blossom essential oil, pea extract, hyaluronic acid, balanced with chamomile, and rose floral water.  The concentrate serum is more like the essence and moisturising serum combined in one, in Asia they call it ampoule or booster serum.  Sounds rich for the skin, I would use when my skin feels disgusting.  Best to use after toner or essence, or before serum, morning or evening.


If you’re interested in knowing what products I use in my 10-step Korean-style skincare routine, leave a comment below or drop me a message on Instagram @styleslicker, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

*Thank you Estee Lauder and Decleor for sending me the products to try.



Kit & Niece B: A Family Outing At Garsons Farm

25th August 2017




Don’t we all love strawberries in summertime.  It’s the perfect time to enjoy fresh strawberries, make recipes from scratch, like fruit tart and Eton Mess.  I live in Southgate in North London, we have a small pick-your-own farm close by in Enfield where I used to go there with friends and family.

Autumn is just around the corner, while it is of course breezy, humid, cloudy and sunny at times, there are so many reasons to enjoy the last bit of summer and using the time wisely, before my next travel adventures roll in on September.  So last month, we visited Garsons Farm in Surrey to check out what was growing.  It is the largest sustainable Pick-Your-Own Farm in the UK, the farm boasts an award-winning garden centre and farm shop with a wide variety of quality plants, and spectacular views of the pick-your-own farm from freshly ripe strawberries, raspberries, apples, to vegetables such as courgettes, marrows, runner beans, potatoes and the like.  All organic, and they use organic manures, and biological pest control methods on the 155 acre pick-your-own farm.


My love for floral print has never left me, as I’m getting older turning a new age, my style has changed dramatically, a little conservative but lazier.  My niece B has certainly picked up a few styling tips and her love of bold print from me.  NEXT kindly sent us some pieces to wear for the family outing.  I have to say, B was so obsessed with her colourful outfit and refused to remove her jacket when it got warmer later in the afternoon, we had to bribe her with a snack.

Bethany is wearing; lightweight jacket in botanical and vegetable print, blue floral jumpsuitOchre Pointelle Cardigan (pictured below), and pink unicorn print wellies.

I’m wearing; red long sleeve ditsy blouse, skinny jeans, gold tone filigree statement earrings, black suede small stud bag, and berry pointed slingback flats.




Strawberries are the obvious popular choice for fruit picking, also brings back wonderful childhood memories.  I can still remember picking those juicy red gems on summer holidays, they were so delicious, sweet, and fresh too.




We didn’t come just for the strawberries, we picked quite a handful of potatoes, cucumbers, snap peas, courgettes, and broad beans, for dinner later.  B loved mucking about in her wellies and not afraid to get her hands covered in soil, all thanks to her early training in helping her mum out in the back garden.




We had such a lovely time at Garsons Farm.  We loved all the excitement that it brought to me and my family, particularly our little terror, it was her first fruit picking experience, watching her waddle around in the fields like a penguin, picking and touching something she never seen before, it was pretty funny.  Not only this was a fun family day out but made it a very valuable, insightful and educational experience, also give us an appreciation for where our food comes from and how we can reduce food waste.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend everyone!

All outfits available online and instore at NEXT.



Sun Care All Year Round

17th August 2017



Those who knows me, I’m not too much of a fan of hot summer and the whole sun-bathing culture.  The idea of being roasted alive turning to an undesired colour shade of burnt copper brown which doesn’t suit my off-yellow Asian skin, I burn very easily mainly on the shoulders, back of the neck, prone to freckles on the face and a fair share of bad tan lines, and yes I get teased a lot from friends and siblings.  Can’t help the fact that I’m going to Australia with my family in December, which is a peak summer month in Southern Hemisphere, meaning that we’ll be spending a lot of our time doing fun stuff out in the open.

I won’t leave my house without applying sun protection, there are so many products to choose from and it’s confusing.  After a few years of research and money being wasted on numerous products and disappointments, not so keen on the idea of having chemicals and man-made synthetic formulas absorb into my skin and bloodstream.  I have quite sensitive skin, particularly in summer months, I used to have atopic eczema when I was a kid, terrible flare ups behind my knees, lower calves and inner arms when exposed to prickly heat, sunscreen and sweat, hence why I’ve never enjoyed summer and preferred staying indoors.

So, 2 years ago, I decided to go organic.



Most of the products featured on this post were purchased from Amazon, FeelUniqueBoots, Holland and Barrett, and Innisfree in Hong Kong (they ship to UK too), and they are the ones that really works for me.  Here are my go-to sun protection and after sun products, mostly organic, and how I use them.

|| Sun protection ||

Korres Sunscreen Face Cream 30 SPF – my go-to brand and repeat purchase for daily sunscreen, made from Greek edible yoghurt!  It’s not greasy, no white caste, leaves no residue unlike other sunscreens.  Gives you natural sheen as well, perfect as a base under primer and make up.  I wear SPF 20 during winter, when it’s sunny, or reflecting sunlight.

Korres Sunscreen Face & Body Emulsion 30 SPF – another favourite sunscreen of mine and repeat purchase, great for travel if you don’t want to keep 2 products in your day bag.

Korres Hair Sun Protection – having ditched the hair colour and returning to my natural jet black locks 2 years ago was no easy task.  Numerous DIY hair and scalp treatments, and hair sun protection to prevent anymore damage.  Using the right organic products for your hair type is key to healthy locks.

Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Sun Lotion 25 SPF – or 30 SPF, this is more of an intensive sun protection, I’d use it when spending time outdoors during the harsh midday sun.  It has 99.9% bio active aloe vera and other natural active ingredients, soothes skin from prickly heat and refreshing with cooling effect, helps to repel blood sucking mozzies as well.

Dr.Organic Aloe Vera Lip Balm 15 SPF – I started using sun protection lip balm last year when I noticed dark spots appeared on my mouth.  Thankfully, I had it checked out, it was nothing but freckles.  The lips often likely neglected when it comes to sun care, even on cloudy days.  Love the sweet smelling lip balm from aloe vera, it’s colourless, moisturising, soothing and nourishing.  I use it before applying my favourite lipstick, also dab lightly around the eyes too.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Multi-protecting Hydrating Mist 30 SPF – extra sun protection over make up or sunscreen when I’m on-the-go, it won’t clog pores, defends against UV, pollution and oxidation.  Love the fine mist, but hate the smell.  If you have any suggestions on inexpensive, organic or eco-friendly makeup setting mist with SPF, feel free to leave a comment below.


|| After Sun ||

Caudalie Grape Water Facial Mist – I’m obsessed with Caudalie grape water facial mist, I keep it in my bag all the time, especially when I’m out shooting on location on a hot day.  It’s refreshing, moisturising and calms the redness, and 100% organic and no nasties-nasties.  My niece loves it.

Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel – one of the best organic after sun, all-purpose aloe vera gels out there, for me.  It’s cooling, soothes sun burn, heat rash, insect bites, eczema, and great for hair treatment.  I keep a travel-sized tube in my bag for emergency, best to pop it in the fridge to enhance that cooling, soothing feeling as it sinks on your skin.  Aloe vera gel is best applied after a bath or shower to get rid of the city grime gunk, rinse off sunscreen and body lotion.

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum – won’t do 8-10 step skincare routine without this little diamond,  I use it after toner or brightening essence and under moisturiser day and night, but this green tea seed serum is a lifesaver for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin, prone to redness from prickly heat. The concentrated serum is packed with 100% green tea and green tea seeds from Jeju Island, amino acids and minerals, very hydrating and moisturising, and it helps to relieve skin irritation.  I highly recommend this product.